"Harm No More" is a self-help resource to help you stop self-harming. It’s an alternative to cutting your skin by providing sheets of paper with wrists, ankles, etc. printed on them to cut up instead.

You can download the whole book by clicking this link. It will lead you to a downloadable google doc. If you encounter any problems downloading, let me know through ask or email. I’m not in this for the money ("HNM" is available for free). I just want to get this out there for anyone who wants or needs this.

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i wish i could erase my scars with the eraser tool in photoshop

i’m having cutting urges again…


Depression / Self Harm / Suicide / Advice blogTRIGGER WARNING!

this is exactly what happened


Depression / Self Harm / Suicide / Advice blog

this is exactly what happened

scar tissue feels so soft

i found out the vending machine in my dorm has those starbucks doubleshot espresso energy drinks and i’m contemplating drinking one to stay up tonight to finish my final paper for my writing class even though i probably don’t need that kind of energy to stay up for it.

i just wanna take it because that much caffeine is just really bad for your body and i’m in a “i fucking hate myself” kind of mood right now.

i just wanna stop existing

is that too much to ask

i’ve wanted a pocket knife for a long time but i don’t think my friends would get me one for my birthday or something after they found out about the cutting

dammit i ran into my friend on my way out to smoke

then i couldn’t do it because i saw her

i can’t remember the last time i cut, but it’s been about 2 and a half to 3 weeks

i get pleasure out of running my finger over my scars…